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Solar Policy (2)

Virtual Conferences: Networking of The New Age

As we navigate life during a global pandemic, countless industries are hosting virtual networking events, and the solar industry is no exception. After attending a couple of his first virtual [...]

November 12, 2020

Election Day 2020: A Hopeful View For A Renewed Nation

On the eve of what is undoubtedly the most consequential election in at least three generations, I remain hopeful that the American people will choose a path of optimism and progress. That they [...]

November 02, 2020

Bill #ZTA 20-01: Bringing Solar to Agricultural Land in Maryland

New Energy Equity (NEE) has developed roughly 25% of the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar projects in Minnesota, despite being headquartered in Maryland. A big reason that Minnesota has [...]

October 28, 2020

Energy Access and Environmental Justice For Native American Households

Indigenous communities across the U.S. have long struggled to gain reliable access to electricity and power. Despite policies like the Rural Electrification Act of 1935 –developed to bring [...]

October 14, 2020

Big Tech’s Big Moves on Climate

Since the 90s’ dot com boom and bust, internet and software companies have dominated the business landscape. The Tech business model is drastically different from traditional models because, for [...]

October 07, 2020

Environmental Justice

  When you think of environmental justice, you might think of the availability of safe drinking water, or air quality, or perhaps the placement of toxic facilities across the country. [...]

September 04, 2020